Faceless 2020


common beauty

Project in 2020

Beauty is a highly debated subject – and “subject” is exactly what beauty is – a subjective opinion, which through the years has evolved and some times destroyed people’s self-awareness and confidence.

Project ‘FACELESS – common beauty’ will invite everyone in – no matter the perfections or imperfections – and together we will show the common beauty of humans.

This is a Danish project, created by Kasper Topp in Ikast, Denmark.

An art project that focuses on the human body’s “imperfections”, which we all have, or feel we have. It is an anonymous project – which makes it easier to relate to the models (volunteers) on the photos.

No matter the gender, size or race, all humans are the same in flesh and blood. Our bodies tell our life stories – and these stories are what makes us beautiful and unique.

FACELESS – common beauty is an art-project which wants to show all the human “flaws” up close, all the differences that, in the end, makes you “you”, and you are beautiful just the way you are.

Topp Fotografi takes pictures of people’s different body parts – head, nose, mouth, eyes, torso, back, hands, butt, feet, scars, skin and full body – but without showing the face of the person.
The art project is exhibited at Huset no7 in Herning.

Topp Fotografi is a modern photo studio from Ikast, Denmark, run by Kasper and Nanna Topp. Kasper is the photographer on this project, and has a deep passion in showing people’s true beauty in a picture instead of just the expected.

Nanna manages graphics and together they manage the project as husband and wife.

Huset no7 exhibits the art.

The FACELESS – common beauty exhibition is being held in Huset no7, Nørregade 7A, 7400 Herning, Denmark.

Every month, with start in February 2020, in the opening hours of Huset no7.

Every first Tuesday each month, you can hear the photographer present a new series of photos, displaying a new bodypart, while enjoying a glass of refreshments.

It is always free to come and see the exhibition and also to join the photographer’s talk every first Tuesday of the month.